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Winfield's Collared Greens

 Asparagus #1  Born 07-27-2008 Birth Weight 6oz

Sold! I've gone home with Jesse!

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I'm less than an hour old here. We were more than a week overdue and our noses are already turning black, usually we are born with pink noses.

I'm nice and plump! I'll be wagging my tail soon!

I'm starting to try to stand up. My belly is so fat right now it's a struggle, but I'll be walking within a few days.

I  like playing with my brothers and sisters.  I'm toddling now.

I think this will be a nice place to meditate.

My ears are going to be up soon!
4 weeks old

I'm going to be tiny like Daddy Dirk. I'll be a puppy forever!
4 weeks old

My ears are starting to come up!
5 weeks old

I like this blanket!  Its nice and soft just like Mama Flor &  my Brothers and Sisters.
5 weeks old

I'm the tiniest Pap of the bunch!  They may not let me go...I'm awfully cute.

I didn't feel like standing on the can.

What is going on over there?

I've got big luxuriously pointy butterfly ears. I can hear everything.

I see you up there!  That looks like something I want. 8wks

You are really fun to watch! Take me home & I'll watch you all of the time!

I like this thing that moves me around. It's warm to snuggle into.

A week old, my eyes are still closed, but I 'm not as pink and my hair is coming in really nicely.

Peek a boo!  By tomorrow my eye will be all the way open!

I'm a tri color like my mother. I'm going to be really handsome.

Very interesting, I'd like to hear more.
(3 weeks)

I got my first nail trim yesterday! 
4 weeks old

I like the places these people take me!  It's always fun!.
5 weeks old

Both of my ears are UP!!!
I'm 6 weeks old.

I like to examine everything, especially toes.  I'm built just like Papa Dirk.
Terry gives good belly rubs. I don't want him to stop!

Terry is over there and I want to lick his face!

If I sit really still they won't notice me here. 8wks

My 2nd job is going to be in radar control. I think I'll have a natural aptitude for that. 8wks

I think I saw that big cat.  She doesn't like it when I stick my nose at her butt to say hi. She's very weird.

I think I may take up Tai Chi. I'm less than an hour old, but it sounds like fun.

Yoga might be good too, Is this a  tree? I know I'll be a natural for the down dog, maybe I could get Annie's help for the cat position!

One week later, I'm bigger and stretching feels so good to these growing muscles.

Does this pose look cool? I'm working on a nonchalant attitude.

You want to pet me don't you!
(3 weeks)

Yep I gotta yawn now and then, It's time to sleep so I can grow nice and strong! (4 weeks)

Ok, give me the toy now!  I'm ready to play!
5 weeks old

Oh yes... this is just right for my teeth!  I like to chew ice chips too!!

I love to be held, I already can sit up on my back feet & wave my paws in the air to beg for a nice ear scratch and cuddle. 6 weeks old and Ready to play a lot.

I'm built like Papa Dirk & my coloring is like Mama Flor.

My cheek spots are almost a lemon color.  Maybe I could be your lemon drop kid!

Belly scratches are the best! I like to hug those fingers.

This toy smells good.

Ok, is it because my ears are big? 8wks


Mama Flor was really tired after she had me, I'm her first pup. She didn't have much energy to give me a bath.  I got a good bath after she rested up.

This is so nice and soft.  They say it's a glamour shot. I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds good.

Lets go shopping! I'm already in the cart!

Let's go to PetsMart and get something fun to chew on!

Ok, if PetsMart is not your style I like Petco Too!! They have nice latex squeek toys that are the right size for me!

I'm so small you could just take me anywhere! I can fit in your pocket! I'll be happy to go!

I'm not playing around. I'm serious about shopping. I'm small enough you can take me anywhere! My ears are big like Mama Flor.  I can hear so many things!

I'm almost tall enough to push this.  Next week... I'll be able to.

It's much easier to sit beside the cart than try to push it.

I saw that and now I'm going to get it!7wks

I'm just tall enough to touch the top, but still too short to stay here without a little help.  8wks

Dryer sheets are so much fun and they smell like Terry & Jenny! 8wks

This wet stuff is interesting, I'm not sure how fun it is, but I like the massage I get. 8wks