Supergirl - Kara SOLD
Female Born March 3, 2016
Birthweight:  5.25 oz

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Supergirl Kara Papillon puppies
5 weeks old
The Flash - Barry SOLD
Male Born March 3, 2016
Birthweight 5.15 oz

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5 weeks old
Available Puppies
These puppies have been sold and have gone home with their new owners.  Please check back and email if you would like to be on the list to be contacted for our next litter.  I would expect her to be ready for a new litter near the end of this year (2016) or beginning of next year (2017).
Born March 3, 2016  Dam: Sita, Sire: Dirk   
Winfield's Collared Greens, Arlington, Texas USA
The Arrow - Oliver SOLD
Male Born March 3, 2016

Birthweight:  5 oz
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The Arrow Oliver The green arrow papillon puppies
5 weeks old