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Winfield's Collared Greens

 Beets- Boy # 3  Born 07-17-2008 Birth Weight 5oz
Sold! My new name is Troy Sold!

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I was born today!  It feels so good to stretch!

I can almost touch the table!

Two Weeks

I'll wait here for you! We can race shopping carts!

They say I'm softer than satin!  I'm inclined to agree. 3 wks

They said I was softer than velvet. I don't know what that is, but if they said it, it has to be true!
four weeks

I don't know what it is, but I want to get it!
5 weeks

The urge to play is strong in this one!
5 Weeks

Maybe I'll get out and push this.
6 weeks

I think I want to bite it.
6 weeks

I really like this silky stuff, it's fun to roll around in!
6 weeks

I think you have something good for me! 7wks

Yep I can push this with one Paw!

Still pushing!  My brother Indy can do the same!  I'm glad we are going to go together, we play a lot.

I now can really push this cart! I'm taller at 8 weeks.

Manni likes to play with me and my brother. We have a good time. 8 weeks

I'm a few hours old.

I'm 7 days old. I'd like to see what's going on around here.

I might be a religious little beet. Amen!

I'll be walking around soon and sniffing your feet before you know it!
Two weeks

I think I'd be good on a boat once I learn to walk! See, I have strong Sea legs! 3 weeks

I could tap dance if you taught me! 
Four Weeks

I'm a yankee doodle dandy...
5 weeks

This is almost too short to rest my chin on.
6 weeks

Maybe I could get up on my soup can and run for office!
6 weeks

I'm King of the Soup! 7wks

I like Terry a lot.

 He likes me too!

I'm taking this toy home. I go home in October! My owners live kinda far away and that's when they can come get me!

I'm a smiley guy.  Terry is a lot of fun to play with.

 Yep I'm the king of the can!

It's my birthday and They keep calling me two dot! That's not my name.

 One Week and these hairless things keep moving me around. It is a nice place to snuggle, and I get a nice massage every time they pick me up.

You can't put anything past me. I'm watching you closely, I may only be Two Weeks Old, but I know you are going to pet me good.

Something is going on over there. I'm not sure what but something is going on!
Two weeks

Who's James Cagney and why do they say I look like him? 3 weeks

I want to lick your nose!
Four Weeks

I just want to snuggle in this hand. He pets me a lot.
5 weeks

Someone said I have a mask on and I look like a hamburgler. Some day I'll probably burgle some hamburgers. Maybe I'll steal your heart first.
6 weeks

How's this for a smile? I get to go to my new home with my brother Indy in October! 7wks

What ever it is, I want it!

I'll be cuddled in your lap soon!

I like this one! 8wks.

It's fun to bite. 8wks

I look like a Troy. I'm a Papillon of Epic proportions!