Girl #2
Girl #2
Girl #2
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Newly Born Day One July 16, 2007
My first bath by Mama Lola July 16, 2007
I'm going to be a Glamor Girl Click to enlarge
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This cup is kind of comfy.
I'm one week old. July 23, 2007
My black nose! It's getting darker! Yea!! I'm 7 days old. July 23, 2007
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I'm two weeks old July 30, 2007
Click to enlarge photo I like to explore!
I love to explore. They call this a cat toy but it looks like an agility tunnel to me! I'm three weeks old August 6, 2007
I miss my brothers and sister but there are plenty of dogs to play with.  I am very athletic and snuggly.
I'm three weeks old August 6, 2007
I'm Agile! Click to enlarge!
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I'm four weeks old. August 13, 2007
I'm five weeks old. August 22, 2007
I love my brother! August 22, 2007
I'm an escape artist, I kept climbing out of the whelping box, so they put me in here.
I like to play with these soft things.  They smell like papa & mama!
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I'm six weeks old. August 31, 2007
Call 817-557-0747 (leave message)  or Terry's cell 817-680-3289 for pricing!
I'm 9 weeks old. September 16, 2007
I'm playing with Mama Lola Click to enlarge!
I'm 12 weeks old.  I am good at chewing and playing.
I love to take chew hoofs from Mama Lola. She takes it back and we have a nice game of Keep away. I play with Mama Lola a lot.  She lets me win sometimes.
I look a lot like Papa Manni, I love to snuggle and give good kisses.
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I love to play with Papa Manni, he's fun! He says I'm his favorite! He may not let me go to live with someone else.