Black Bart

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Born January 16, 2008 at 12:30 am
Birth weight 3.75 oz  
I'm the Fifth and Last Puppy Born.
I'm a week old and I weigh 6.5 oz.
I look like Papa Manni!  He is curious about me. I can't wait until I'm big enough to play with him!
Jenny is holding me, I'm mintes old and my tail is really long, I have a white tip on it. My back has a figure 8 but this side is my best side, so I keep showing it to the camera.
I'm one of the tiny paps of the bunch, but not by much.
Ok, they got me to show my face a little better, you can see a bit of white by my nice black nose. I do want to go back to Mama Lola, she's nice and warm.
My eyes will open soon, I'm a happy guy, I like being held by Terry.  One week old.
I think this would make a nice jacuzzi.  It's just the right size for me.
Got Milk?
I'm a Wild and Crazy Guy! I'm two weeks old and I weigh 11 oz.
I'm 3 weeks old & still smiling! I've been smiling from day one!
I'm 2 weeks old! My eyes just opened & I really want to stand up.
I'm going home with Kayla & Michael!  I can't wait!
They are calling me Bart!
I'm not sure what they are doing with me here. I really just want to walk around a bit.
At 4 weeks I weigh 22 oz and I have really sharp little teeth, I love to shake toys and sneak up on Papa Manni.  He's fun to play with.
3 weeks
4 weeks
At 5 weeks I weigh 23 oz. I'm learning my name and I run up to feet when I hear my name called!
If I were in Mrs. O'Leary's  class I would be the class clown!
5 weeks
I'm 3 weeks old! I weigh 9oz and I bark sometimes.
6 weeks
My ears are going to be large and luxurious like Papa Manni's!
At 6 weeks I weigh 27 oz. I'm  drinking  out of a bowl & I love puppy food!