Girl #2
Girl #2
Girl #2
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I'm being born and still in the sack. I'm just seconds old.
Born January 16, 2008 at 11:55 pm
Birth weight 5.0 oz  
I'm the Third Puppy Born. I'm Black & White, My body is all white except for the small part above my tail.
Papa Manni, Flor & Dirk are saying hello to me.  Papa Manni is protective and glad to see us. It's going to be fun playing with them.
I'm just a few hours old here. My paw is almost as big as Jenny's finger nail!
At one week I weigh 10.0 oz and I love to move around.
My nose is turning black and my lips are already black!
I'm so nice & strong, maybe I'm a superhero!  Maybe I'm  Bat Dog Or you could just call me Super.
At two weeks I'm  17 oz & I love to crawl.  My nose is almost black & my eyes are open!
It's nice and warm in these pink hands, I could nestle here all day!
2 weeks old!
I'm 3 weeks & I'm waiting for my call to action as a superhero!  I can walk already!
Life is good. I like being petted & held, I think I'll be a Super lapdog!
2 weeks old!
3 weeks old!
3 weeks old!
1 week old!
1 week old!
4 weeks old!
At 4 weeks old I'm a super sniffer! Maybe that's my Superpower! I weigh 29 oz.
At 5 weeks I weigh 32 oz.  I've found a new super power...Escape I'm good at getting out of it, but I do get help from my brothers & sisters!
If I were in Mrs. O'Leary's 5th grade class we would all be Super Class Heros!
6 weeks
At 6 weeks I weigh 35 oz.  I'm going to be the most beautiful super hero Papillon there is!  My hair sparkles in the sun! I'll be able to hypnotize the villians with my brilliant white coat!