Molly Bea
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I'm minutes old, and Papa Manni is saying hello along with Flor. I still need a bath and Papa Manni did give me a very gentle kiss.
Born January 17, 2008 at 12:15 am
Birth weight 4.0 oz  
I'm the Fourth Puppy Born.
I'm red with Sable Markings, my body's white, I  have a dot on my buttocks.  They keep saying I'm smart and a real beauty.
March 12, 2008 I got to go home with the Sundays' I like them a lot already!
Mama Lola is giving me a good bath, she was busy most of the night giving all of us baths.
I'm a whole week old and my nose is starting to turn black! 
At one week I weigh 8.0 oz and I really enjoy cuddling with Mama Lola & my siblings.  I'm growing strong and my eyes will open soon.
My eyes are going to be very pretty, it will look like I'm wearing eye liner, but I'm not.
Do I 'muse you?
At 2 weeks I weigh 15 oz and my eyes are open!  I can finally see what keeps picking me up & moves me around.
You look Marvelous!
Something is going on over there.
I'm standing & walking, Mama Lola watches closely and we are starting to have fun!
3weeks old
4 weeks
At 4 weeks I weigh 26 oz
At 5 weeks I weigh 29 oz
I can't deny the fact you like me... right now... you like me.  Thank you.
At 6 weeks I weigh 33 oz
6 weeks
6 weeks
Maybe I could portray Nipper the RCA Dog?
Whatcha talkin bout Willis?
I either want to be an explorer or an actress!  Gee, maybe I could be both! I wonder if Mrs. O'Leary's class can tell me about some girl explorers?