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   Mr. Beans Boy # 2  Born 07-27-2008 Birth Weight 5oz 
SOLD!  I'm going Home October 18, 2008!  I get to play with 2 little girls! SOLD!

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See my pink nose!  It will turn black soon.

I was born today and it feels good to be out and about!

Maybe I could be an Olympic swimmer, I think I have the dog paddle down already and I'm just a week old!

I'll be an expert at the Butterfly, I'm already a butterfly!

I'm already in the Cart!  All you have to do is say the word & I'm yours!

Let's look for some nice soft beach towels!
3 weeks old

I'm a sweet little bean, I really am more like a sprout than a bean!
3 weeks old

See Me!! My Ears are nice and perky. I look a lot like Mama Flor! 
5 Weeks

You like me best don't you?  I can tell.
5 Weeks old

I'm just pretending it's a medal!
5 Weeks old

You can put me in a purse!

Do you want to Play? 

I'm 7 weeks old and I really want to wrestle & play.

I'm almost tall enough to push this, but I have a good helping hand from Terry.

Next week I'll be able to push this cart.

I'm so content.

I can reach it better now See?

I would make a nice little stud don't you think? 


They put me in this big slippery thing and got me all wet.  Then they put this stuff that didn't taste so good on me, but suddenly I got this really nice massage that felt so good.

They keep saying I look like my mom!

One week old today!  This is something I could get used to!

My nose is almost black now and I'm just a week old! 

I see you looking at me!

I'm two weeks old and now I can see what this thing is that moves me around & puts me on stuff. I kind-a like it!

It takes a lot of energy to grow so much in a week!

2 weeks old and when I'm old enough I'll snuggle under your chin and love every minute!

I'm ready for my goggle fitting!

This is why they call me Mr. Beans, I look like a bean.
4 weeks old

I love to lick your chin!
5 Weeks old

I'm a strong and handsome little fellow.
5 Weeks old
I like playing with Terry!
He knows how to rub my belly just right. 6wks

That was fun!  Now what other things can we do?

How about you?  Yes You!

You are a fascinating person!

Yep, that's my spot. Belly Scratches make life perfect!

After all of that playing I need to take a nap so I can play more later. 7wks

I see a cat and I want to chase her.


I want to go over there. I always want to go over there! 8wks

I don't know why they had to get me wet to give me a massage.  They could just do that without all this wet stuff. 8wks

I was born a few minutes ago. Mama Flor is sleeping.

I'm looking forward to seeing what is going on out there!

You want me, you know you do!

2 weeks old & I'm contemplating a strategy to get you to choose me!

I'm 2 weeks old! This is so soft I think I'll learn to roll over and over. Life at 2 weeks is Great!

I won't ever eat as much as Michael Phelps.
3 weeks old

3 weeks old
I'm taking a nap with Terry after a busy play time with everyone

They say I take after my dad, he sleeps on his back all of the time!
4 weeks old

I'm practicing for the medal ceremony!
5 Weeks old

That is very interesting.
5 Weeks old
6 weeks
I want to lick your face!

It doesn't taste as good as it looks.

I knew you wanted to play!

They say my body is like my daddy Dirk, and my markings are like my Mama Flor.
Ha. That looks pretty funny.

My nose still fits in this.  I'm taking this toy with me when I get my forever home!

I'm so happy. I really have a lot of fun.

You could scratch me there too!

I was playing with this toy, and then Annie the cat sat over there. I can't take my eyes off of her!

Would this work as an audition for the big bad wolf?  Now that would be a role I could sink my teeth into!

Was this really necessary? 8wks