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Dirk Marky Mark Diggler

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I'm the active stud, I weigh 5 pounds and really enjoy my job so far.  I'm red and white with sable markings. I'm registered through AKC & soon to be with UKCI & APRI.  My favorite thing to do is tear up paper, and to drag it through the house.  I love sleeping on my back,  running at the dog park & playing with Manni & Prissy.
Manni B Moritz Bliebtreau

Manni -Retired

I'm the original stud of the Papillon 5.  I'm  retired as  the stud, but I play an active roll with educating the puppies by getting them socialized and ready to play gently. They have started calling me the Snake hunter because I bring in 2 or 3 garden snakes in a week.   I am dual registered with UKCI & APRI.