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Winfield's Collared Greens

SOLD!  Flor & Dirk's   Girl # 1  "Popcorn" SOLD!

Born 07-27-2008 Birth Weight 5 oz
SOLD!!  I belong to Pat & Gary!  My new name is Lulu! SOLD!!

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My nose is pink now, but it will turn dark soon.
This is a different feeling being moved around. I like the warm things that hold me, but I really would rather be drinking Mama Flor's Milk.

I bow gracefully don't you think?

This is quite amusing.

I could be a pin up girl!

3 weeks

I'm taking hula dancing next!
5 weeks

At 6 weeks my ears are up, they go up and down as I teethe.

I'm just going to hang out here for a while, this is nice and soft.
6wksng to hang out here for a while, this is nice and soft.

So what is behind that anyway?

He's talking to me and I really like it!
7 wks

My ears have gotten so big, they don't want to stand up right now. They will soon though. 7 wks

If that keeps looking interesting, I'm going to have to examine it.7 wks

My brother, Mr. Beans snuggles in the weirdest places. 7 wks

Dag nab it!  Terry is wearing his "toe protectors" I really want to nibble some toes. I don't understand why they don't like it.7 wks

I'm just a few minutes old & it feels so good to stretch out!

A week older my nose is starting to turn darker.

Concentrating is one of my strengths.

I'm going to study you and maybe choreograph some moves for you!
3 weeks old

Put your left paw in and you do the hokey pokey ....
3 weeks old

I'm sure I could use this in interpretive dance somehow...
3 weeks old

I think you want to play with me.
4 weeks old

You can cart me home in 4 weeks!
4 weeks old

This is a nice place to relax and people watch.
5 weeks

I wonder what Fred Astaire would have done if he had a soup can to dance with.
5 weeks

I'm enjoying hanging out in here. They put something soft in the bottom and it's pretty comfy.

I want to re-arrange these things. It makes a fun game when I'm having my photo shoot.

I think I'm right pawed.  Most of my pictures, my right paw is doing something different, even from the time I was born.
7 wks

I like sitting here, they pay lots of extra attention just to me when I'm up here by this can.7 wks

My sister Gracie likes to snuggle with me. 7 wks

This is a good place to lean

Does this look like a dance move? I could learn to synchronize with my siblings!

Why would I be dancing in a cup?  It helps to see where you are.

It's exhausting to grow so much so fast.  I think I'll just nap here, it's nice and soft!

Hey! You! Yes You!  I'm already in the cart!  Take me home!  Yes Me!  Pick me!

 A good dancer gets plenty of rest.
3 weeks
Ok... I can pose with the best of them!  I need an agent I could be a model for Modern Dog Magazine!
4 weeks

That is NOT a ballet slipper.
5 weeks

I do have a flair for the dramatic!
5 weeks

I want to play with you!

Oh, that looks like fun!

I'm the only one of my siblings tall enough to reach the handle. I have Mama Flor's body, and more of Papa Dirk's coloring, but really... I'm prettier than both.
7 wks

How's this for a coy look?  This toy is going home with me.
7 wks

I want what ever that is. It looks very interesting. 7 wks

My brother Asparagus likes me best. We sleep on each other all of the time.
7 wks