Date of Birth: September 1, 2007  Sire: Louie III   Dam: Ginger XIV
Registered with AKC TR67643102  DNA Profile# V503254
Color: Black, Sable & White   Champion Background
Date Prissy joined our Family: December 14, 2007
Prissy's breeders, Rod & Judy Waco had called her Priscilla after Priscilla Presley.  We liked the name but have a movie theme name for all of our dogs.  Immediately we thought of the character Prissy in Gone With the Wind, portrayed by Butterfly McQueen.  Steve McQueen also starred in the movie Papillon, so it's a double butterfly hit!
These were taken at Prissy's Breeder's  before she came to us.  They breed occasionally. If you would like to contact them about  upcoming litters, email us!
Halloween at the dog park, I'm a fetching little Witch!  Dirk is a really handsome little bee too.  He's always busy socializing with all the people.
I was so interested in all the goings on in January 2008.  I'm still a puppy but it was fun to be around for Lola's 2nd Litter.  I soon had playmates closer to my size.
Puppy Prissy & Dirk
Pretty Prissy Butterfly McQueen 3months
Tails & Trails Dog Park in Arlington is one of my favorite places!  I can bark and howl, and run and sniff all kinds of things.
  Papillon Puppies & All things Papillon.  Arlington, Texas USA
  Prissy    Butterfly     McQueen     GWTW           
I kept Dirk company that night.  We have been good friends since I came here. He's just my size.
This was my first day at my new home. Dirk and Manni played with me a lot.  Lola was pregnant and didn't feel like playing much, but she did wash my face a lot. Flor Played with me some, but she wasn't sure about me yet.
I love Lola. I wag my tail more when I'm around her than anybody. She takes good care of me.
Summer of 2008 brought a lot of fun puppies to play with. I'm next to one of Lola's boys.  He got to go to a great home!
Dirk and I like to patrol the fence and gates at the dog park. We find each other good things to sniff!
Dirk and I love to lay on Terry & Jenny's bed. We were tired after Flor had her puppies in the summer, but not as tired as Flor was!
This was just after Chrismas 2007. I was so tired from all the excitement I just fell asleep on Jenny's soft new blanket and cuddled there for hours.
I like baths, though I don't get them often, I rarely get dirty, but when I do need a bath I love the massage I get. It feels so good!  Who needs a spa? I have Terry & Jenny's kitchen sink!
My first birthday September 1, 2008
Dirk was nearby for the births. He licked my forehead just before this. My last boy hasn't been born yet.  Dirk is a good father.  He checks up on me every now and then.
This is an x-ray of me and the babies exactly a week before they were born. It's a little hard to tell, but you can see all 3 boys.
My 3 sons. I'm so tired, but they are quite handsome!  They don't cry very much and they are fat  and healthy.