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Winfield's Collared Greens

 Radish- Boy # 2  Born 07-17-2008 Birth Weight 5oz
Sold  $700.00  Sold

I'm going home with Gideon & Crystal, they named me WALL-E

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They said my nose was as pink as a radish. I don't know what that is, but It sounds saucy!

My nose isn't as pink anymore. It will be black soon, they say the dot on my head is the shape of a radish.

This seems like a nice place to chill out!

I'm 3 weeks old and I'm starting to walk around really well

4 weeks old

4 weeks

Five Week Wall-E

My Ears are getting big.  Big Ears, Big Heart as Jenny's Grandma Enid used to say.

6 Weeks Old
6 Weeks Old
This is fun to drag around!

I'm good at this posing stuff! 7wks

I still like to play with this, It's going home with me!

It feels so nice to be able to move and stretch. I was a bit cramped inside of Mama Lola.

They said I'm a bit more than a handful,  and that I look so much like my brother's it's hard to tell us apart. We look a lot like Papa Dirk.

What's a bulldog and Why did they say I looked like one? Do you have a mirror, my eyes are open & now I can see.

I'm a handsome 3 week old guy.  I'm already starting to walk & play. I look a lot like my dad.

4 weeks old

5 Week Wall-E

My Ears are trying to stand up! It won't be long until I'm a butterfly!
6 Weeks Old
My ears are radar ears.

6 Weeks Old

6 Weeks Old
I tried to shake it but it's bulky


Hello World!  Here I am!  I was born today!

I'm King of the World!  Move over Leonardo De Caprio... I could be in the next Titanic movie!

Will my feet ever reach?

Pick ME!!! I'll keep your feet warm when I'm bigger!

4 weeks old

Terry's been having fun on the computer.
I do see a resemblance.

Yep Just Like the movie, I am getting to know this Shopping cart well! I'm just glad it doesn't chase me!
Five Week Wall-E

Oh I want to meet Eve! 5wks

6 Weeks Old
I could jump out of here really easily.

Now I get to push the cart!  I'm doing pretty good!  7wks

Ok now time for a break.  I think I'll sit for a bit.  I'm just glad it isn't chasing me! 7wks