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Winfield's Collared Greens

 Carrot- Boy # 1  Born 07-17-2008 Birth Weight 4.5oz
Sold! My new name is Indy Sold!

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I'm just a few hours old. 

I'm curious about everything but I really just want  Mama Lola's milk!

Life is good no matter where you are!

I'm a week old & my nose is almost black already, and my eyes are about to open!

They say I look a lot like Papa Dirk. I wonder if he plays basketball?

My nose is getting darker. It will be good to see what this thing they keep putting me in is.
So that's what you look like.

I'm not too impressed, I think I'll take a nap now.

4 weeks and I already like you a lot!

 I look like a little fox!

Fox Patrol! Maybe a career in law enforcement, or at the least, dog park patrol!
5 weeks old & Ears UP!!!

Are you sure you should be doing that?
6 weeks

EEEHH What's up Doc?
6 weeks old

I'm going to take over the world!! Ok if not the world, I'll take over your heart!
6 weeks

Ok time for a break in my plans, I'll just play with this soft bone for a while!
6 weeks old

I'm going home in October! My new people will pick me up then!  I get to take this toy with me Yippee! I'm 7 weeks old.

Mmmm Tasty!!

This feels good on my growing teeth.

Glamour shot for Indy! I'm a handsome devil aren't I???  Harrison Ford has nothing on me! 7 wks

When I go home in October, I'm taking this toy with me! 8wks

That's just too funny!

Flor checks on me, I'm curled up on a plate. She's not my mom, but she helps take care of me and I play with her babies too.

This bowl is better than a plate. I fit just right. 8wks

I'll be walking before you know it!  I'm ready to see what's over there.

I'm trying hard to walk, I can travel, but it's so far to get anywhere. I might just take a nap here.

Keep rubbing my ear there!
3 weeks old

This soft shiny stuff tastes good!
3 weeks old

Whatever it was... I didn't do it!
4 weeks

My ears want to stand up!
4 Weeks

My fellow Papillons... I'm here to tell you about the wonderfulness of ice chips!!
5 weeks

Also on our agenda is the wonderfulness of nibbling toes!  See, when training your human,  you nibble a toe and they pick you up and pet you! But if they are like Terry, they learn to wear crocks when I'm around.
6 weeks old

You may have noticed that my leg is missing a little fur.  I had what is called an umbilical hernia. It happens when mama dogs chew the umbilical cord too closely.  I had a few stitches, and it's fixed now. I'm  playing with my siblings and enjoying every minute. It won't have any impact on my health in the future.  I'm just glad I had good humans like Terry & Jenny to look after me and take care of it before I go to a forever home!  I was born lucky and happy!

I really want to chew that paper.  My dad likes to chew paper too. You'll have to keep newspapers away from me.  7 wks

I bet I could open that.

I like being named after Indiana Jones! I will be a good adventurer.

I am a handsome boy. I like being scratched.

I really like you.

When it's hot if there is a plate around... it feels so good to curl up on.

This is the perfect place to rest. 8wks

I think I could fly if I tried hard enough! This thing they put me in is hard, but I don't stay there long.

Maybe if I put my arms like this I could get some altitude.

Add to Cart!
3 weeks old

I told you...
Add to cart!
4 weeks old

Add to Cart! Before I start Pushing it!
5 weeks

Bugs Bunny? Maybe for 8qalloween!
5weeks old

Add Me!!
Add ME to your Cart!
6 weeks old

I'm watching you closely. You will add me to your cart soon!
6 weeks old
I'm a big boy now, I can push the cart!  It won't be too long & I'll be able to use my nose for this! 7wks

This smells good too. I really like to sniff things.

Chewing on them is better.  I also like to nibble toes and sleep on feet.

mmm those smell really good.
This tastes good too, but not as good as cookies I'm sure.


Pink isn't really my color, but I'll have fun with it anyway.

Taking a nap in a bowl is pretty fun. It's nice and cool and I really like it. 8wks