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Flor had a litter of 3 girls!
 Email us with any questions!

Flor's Puppies
Click here to see Flor's Puppies!
Flor's Pups
New Litter coming in September 2014

Sita is resting.

Email us for a personal announcement for when she has her next litter of puppies.

Sita's Pups

Prissy is resting!

Email us with any questions!

Prissy's Pups

With the purchase of one of our puppies you will receive:

Puppy Current on Vaccinations & Worming
1 week Contagious Disease Warranty  (See agreement)
1 year limited congenital warranty (See agreement)
Pedigree of Sire & Dam.
Registration papers
Photo packet of puppies & parents, including CD of photos of their first weeks of life.
Small bag of puppy food & a toy they are used to being around for comfort in the new home.

Our puppies will be able to go home between  8 and 14 weeks of age depending on the individual needs of the puppy. If you would like to reserve a puppy, we will accept a non-refundable deposit of $250 to hold it. We will not release a puppy until it is paid for in full.

We accept Pay Pal, Cash, and Checks (There is a non negotiable 48 hour waiting period for check to clear before the ownership exchange of  any puppy contingent on holidays and our bank hours) . Please e-mail us for pay pal instructions we use Terry's email for pay pal transactions.

I hate even having to type this disclaimer, but the world being what it is, I feel I must distinguish our website from others.

Manni is retired from breeding.
Our females that breed are Lola, Flor & Prissy. Dirk is our stud.  We breed Papillons exclusively.

We do not support cruel over crowded puppy mills, we do not sell to brokers, or pet stores. 

Our puppies are sold as pets and the companions this breed is designed to be. We do not guarantee for show potential, or breeding potential. We provide advice as to what we view the pup's potential to be, but this is in no way a guarantee of the quality of the puppy.

There are Show Kennels, Puppy Mills, Puppy Farms, Backyard Breeders and then there is us.  We are living room breeders and provide the puppies with an enriched environment which allows them to develop into the lovely pets they are meant to be. All puppies are held by hand, cuddled,  petted, played with several times a day.

Please read our sales agreement. We are in the process of modifying a shipping agreement.
      Sales Agreement
If you are interested in buying one of our papillon puppies please contact us.

We prefer
Email initially.  We check our email far more than we check our answering machine.  

Home: (817)557-0747  leave message between 10:00 a.m.-10:00p.m.
Cell: (817)845-7310 Jenny (After 5pm on weekdays and 10:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. on weekends) or Text your name and number.
Cell: (817)680-3289 Terry - Text your name and number.

Please leave a message with a phone number, we do not have caller id. We do not have long distance on our home phone. We will try to answer your email/call within 24 hours.

Our day jobs prohibit us from using cell phones while at work. Terry works in sales and it is rude to answer a cell phone in front of customers. I teach school and don't interrupt lessons for phone calls.

During the school year I am available on weekends and evenings by appointment. Terry is available on Monday and Thursday by appointment.

I dislike typing the following, because it is just common courtesy to keep appointments or keep us informed if something comes up and can't make it. If you fail to keep an appointment without contacting us in a reasonable amount of time, it will result in removing you from our notification list.  Once a deposit is paid and if you fail to keep an appointment without contacting us, you forfeit your deposit and the puppy will be placed for sale again. If we are not able to keep an appointment we will notify you as soon as we possibly can, and re-schedule. Emergencies happen and we are understanding of that, however I have been stood up several times recently with no phone call whatsoever and that is discourteous or rude. I become concerned that the person is in an accident or other drastic issue. I am very understanding if things come up, we are happy to re-schedule or cancel if a customer changes their mind.

We do prefer email because it is easier to keep track of the people inquiring about papillon puppies or other questions.

Please Read our Sales Agreement. We are in the process of modifying a shipping agreement.

Sales Agreement