Winfield's Lola Franka Potente
Date of Birth: February 14, 2005   Height 11" at shoulder
Color White and Red with Sable Markings
Dual Registered with UKCI, and APRI.
Sire: Hall's Rusty DJ Daryl   Dam: Halls Dottie Checkers
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Howl-o-Ween Princess
If I'm out I want in, if I'm in I want out.
May 5, 2005 My first day Home
My First Bath at Home
I love to sing
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I want the Squirrel!
You find the best smells for me
Romance Blossoming at the Dog Park
We Do! Unity Ceremony
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Lola & Manni had a Unity Ceremony on April 8, 2007  Prior to the ceremony they began shacking up while Manni was 8 weeks old, beginning in September of 2006.  They became freinds immediately and a romance blossomed. Lola and Manni are now both retired from raising puppies and enjoying their time with the other litters we have from time to time.
Lola loves to travel, dog parks, chase birds & bugs, sing to the radio and drive, she also loves the beach and chewing on all sorts of forbidden things.

Lola is a triple talent threat, in August 2006 Lola won a fun dog contest in Corpus Christi while she was on vacation.  She won best kisser, dancer, and singer, and the cutest dog at the Annual Dog Fun Fest. All of the dogs who particpated were very cute, I don't know how they were able to choose. All dogs were elegible to participate.

She was Valedogtorian in her Obedience Class at PETSMART.

She was named after Lola in the Movie
Run Lola Run.   Franka Potente is the actress who portrayed Lola in the movie.
Puppy Love Story
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On Vacation at Port Aransas About 30 days into her 1st pregnancy Summer of 2007
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I love to run in my dress!
Lola and our other dogs are eating Natural Balance Alpha Grain Free food all of the time, including during their pregnancies and  for the puppies as they are learning to eat food. This food is good for all stages of a dog's life.
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"Potente" pronounced Poh-ten-teh means "powerful" in Italian, Portugese and Spanish.
These Babies are a lot of Work!
I love my babies. I need a nap.