Manni B Moritz Bleibtreau
Born July 16, 2006  Color: Black and White  Weighs between 9&11 lbs
Dual Registry through UKCI and APRI.
Sire: LCP Tutu Rowdyman  Dam: LCP Coogie Precious Girl
Came to Live with us on September 21, 2006  He weighed 2 1/2 lbs
Lola and Manni's Unity Ceremony April 8, 2007
Manni's first
Litter born July 16, 2007
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First day with forever people.
September 21, 2006
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Santa Manni 2006
I love Lola, this was my 2nd day with her
I love Lola
Howl-o-Ween Dino Manni 2006
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With my snuggle buddy, Toe
I love to find ink pens
At Central Bark May 2007
Dog Train at Central Bark
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Manni Eats Solid Gold Hundchen Flocken, he is in excellent health and his coat is beautiful, it's  long and flowing, he's a beauty.
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Manni was named after a character in the movie, Run Lola Run.  (Lola's boyfriend) Manni is short for Manfred. Moritz Bleibtreau was the actor who portrayed Manni in the movie.
Manni had our puppy obedience class teacher wrapped around his paws.  He would look at her and bark, and she would just give him a treat, because he was so insistant and cute.  He's extremly vocal and does "talk and sing". (Sometimes it's more like jabbering.) He barks a bit too, but it's more of an intentional yawn jabbering sound.

He can jump through hoops and I'm sure he would be great with agility, if we had the work schedules that would allow us to go to competitions.

Manni was fascinated with the puppies, when they were old enough to play he was incredibly gentle and the look on his face when he would sniff them, I could tell he knew how helpless they were. He often looked amused at their young clumsyness.
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Leaping at Port "A"
Manni is looking forward to the opening of the new dog park in Arlington.
Like most papillons, Manni travels well, and enjoys regular trips to the different dog parks in the DFW Metroplex area.
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Gull Watching
"Bleibtreau" means "to remain faithful" ...a perfect name for a faithful dog!
Lola entered heat around November 11, 2007 and Manni has bred with 3 times that I've witnessed.

Lola had
5 puppies January 16. Manni sat by the box throughout the delivery and chased the other dogs away if they got too close.
Manni is very caring and affectionate.  If one of the other dogs is under the weather, he will lick their face and sniff them, as if to comfort them. I enjoy watching him interact with other dogs.
Lola let me watch as she had our puppies. I like puppies a lot, they are little, and it's fun to teach them to be a dog.